Design &

We create designs and produce artworks to form a unique representation of our customers' demands and needs. Our services include logo design, branding and corporate identity, and advertisement products, such as posters, flyers, catalogues and brochures. Our publication services include books, magazines, and periodicals. We make illustrations for historical and contemporary art objects and special events.

Color Editing.

Our color management services include fixing exposure and white balance problems. We remove excessive noise caused by aggressive ISO. We develop images from RAW recordings. Plus, we set the initial black, white and gamma points. Our color-editing experience with the best high-tech equipment allows us to get the most accurate color on your products.


Ellastration has a team composed of young and highly talented professional photographers with a different view and understanding in photography art. Each member our team has a wide range of expertise, including interior, architecture, still-life, lifestyle, hotel and textile photography. Our team actively cooperate with several world-renowned magazines and companies.


We pride ourselves on the highest quality print process available in the industry in Athens.
Our digital printing service allows us to print digital-based images directly on various media according to customer needs.
Plus, we specialize in Giclee printing which requires maximum attention and knowledge about color, paper quality, color correction and proofing.


In print management, we create a high-quality print file, make all pre-flight checks and suggest the optimum paper choice. Till the end, we supervise the printing process in person in order to get the same result in color proofs and final prints. Thanks to our GMG ColorServer, we achieve high accuracy reproduction of artworks and photographs on a variety of output media.

Fine Arts.

Our fine arts services include painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Basically, we create small- or large-scale artworks with different techniques, including acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting, etc. Ellastration owns several collections of ceramic artworks which are genuinely unique and original. They are composed of small- and medium-scale statues, reliefs, idols and deco. Based on orders, we make customized artworks or objects for museums and galleries.